ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management
ISO 14001:2015 certified

Why choose QB cert to conduct an ISO 14001 certification audit?

The ISO 14001 certification enables organizations to effectively manage their environmental responsibilities and improve their environmental performance. By successfully completing an audit against the ISO 14001 standard, organizations can:
  1. Improving environmental performance through resource efficiency and waste reduction.
  2. Ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  3. Building stakeholder trust and confidence in environmental sustainability.
  4. Achieving cost savings through improved resource management.
  5. Gaining a competitive advantage by meeting customer preferences for environmentally responsible organizations.
  6. Engaging employees in environmental management and fostering morale.
  7. Driving continuous improvement through goal setting and corrective actions.

What is the ISO 14001 standard?

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems (EMS). It provides organizations with a framework to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve their environmental performance. The standard helps organizations identify and manage their environmental impact, comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, and promote sustainable practices. By achieving ISO 14001 certification, organizations demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility and can enhance their reputation, gain stakeholder trust, and improve resource efficiency.

Implementing ISO 14001 brings several benefits to organizations:

  1. Improved Environmental Performance: ISO 14001 provides a structured framework to identify, manage, and reduce an organization’s environmental impact. It helps improve resource efficiency, minimize waste generation, and reduce pollution.
  2. Compliance with Environmental Regulations: ISO 14001 ensures organizations comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and requirements. This commitment to environmental sustainability demonstrates responsible business practices and reduces the risk of legal non-compliance.
  3. Enhanced Reputation and Stakeholder Trust: ISO 14001 certification signals to stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, and the community, that an organization is dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable practices. It enhances the organization’s reputation, builds trust, and attracts environmentally conscious stakeholders.
  4. Cost Savings through Resource Efficiency: ISO 14001 helps organizations identify opportunities for improving resource efficiency. By reducing energy consumption, optimizing water usage, and minimizing waste generation, organizations can achieve cost savings through reduced resource consumption and waste disposal expenses.
  5. Competitive Advantage: ISO 14001 certification provides a competitive edge in the marketplace. Many customers and clients prefer to work with environmentally responsible organizations and often require suppliers to have ISO 14001 certification. It can open doors to new business opportunities and partnerships.
  6. Employee Engagement and Morale: ISO 14001 encourages employee involvement in environmental management activities. This engagement fosters a sense of ownership, increases environmental awareness, and improves employee morale and satisfaction.
  7. Continuous Improvement: ISO 14001 promotes a culture of continuous improvement by setting objectives and targets for environmental performance. Organizations monitor progress, take corrective actions, and continually enhance their environmental performance over time.


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